Ollie Tuck

Ollie Tuck Ollie Tuck

Ollie Tuck – Featured Artist Having studied fine art at Chelsea School of Art I turned my back on painting whilst completing a degree in Art History at The University Of Nottingham. Inspired by the artist’s I studied during my degree, I returned to painting after graduating in 2014. I made the commitment to working […]

Amanda Curbishley

Amanda Curbishley Amanda Curbishley

Amanda Curbishley is based in Aylesbury and is a contemporary artist who works in acrylics and mixed media. I started painting in 2002 and although my subjects are varied I now specialise in marine art. I feel a connection to light, shape, colour and texture in the world around me which is reflected in my work. […]

Barbara Shaw – Textile Artist

Barbara Shaw – Textile Artist Polar Bear - Barbara Shaw

Barbara Shaw is a textile artist based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. I create art in textiles, hand-stitching many small scraps of fabric together in layers to create unique collage pictures. My subjects vary as I am constantly stretching the boundary of what can be depicted in material. My work has been likened to impressionist paintings-from a […]

Jenny Kaye

Jenny Kaye

Jenny Kaye is a  photographer based in Beaconsfield, working either from her home studio or out on location.  Here, she tells us a little about herself and shows a small fragment of her work. Photography has always been a part of my life.  I have old photo albums and prints from when I was very […]

Gabby Harman

Gabby Harman

I studied textiles at Brighton Polytechnic qualifing as a weaver which then led me on to a career as a InteriorDesigner. When the children were little, I returned to my love of painting attending local art classes and thenonto Amersham College where I attended Art & Printmaking classes.  My inspiration is from my surrounding landscapes […]

Pamela McMenamin – Featured Artist

Pamela McMenamin – Featured Artist

Pamela McMenamin – Featured Artist this month. My work is predominately painting in oils and two main series dominate my body of work. Firstly, my abstract Endless Landscape series and secondly, my series revisiting the traditional genre of still life, landscape and portrait. I am interested in painting in its simplest form of representing colour […]

Chalfont St Peter Art Exhibition

Chalfont St Peter Art Exhibition Chalfont St Peter Art Exhibition

CHALFONT ST PETER ART EXHIBITION Jane Miller I am a self taught artist living in Wendover, Buckinghamshire, and although have always been keen on art, have only in recent years taken this interest further. My subject matter does vary and although I’ll have a go at most things, I enjoy figurative painting, especially children, and […]

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