Museum Standard Framing

To visually enhance artwork and offer the ultimate level of protection

If you own either valuable artwork or items of sentimental value which you wish to display yet protect for future generations, it is vital they are framed using the correct materials and methods.

This standard of framing would be used for museum-quality works that are to be preserved for the future. It could include high value items and artwork of potential or historical value. The process is fully reversible.

This means we use the highest grade materials and techniques throughout our museum quality framing service. Our museum board of 100% cotton quality, protective glazing giving amazing clarity and uncompromised protection, artwork is hinged using Japanese paper and wheat starch adhesive, with many other processes providing a step up from conservation framing. This offers the very highest level of artwork protection.

Museum Standard Framing
Dangermouse - original storyboard
Museum Standard Framing
Winston Churchill & Clement Attlee signatures
LS Lowry - limited edition signed print framed by Bespoke Framing
LS Lowry - Framed limited edition signed print
Museum Standard Framing
Benjamin Disraeli handwritten letter
Banksy - Grim Reaper
Banksy - 'Grim Reaper' - Museum Standard Framing

Quality Professional Picture Framing

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