The major art installation Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at the Tower of London marked one hundred years since the first full day of Britain's involvement in the First World War.  It was created by artists Paul Cummins and Tom Piper, 888,246 ceramic poppies progressively filled the Tower's famous moat between July and November 2014.  21,688 people volunteered to install the poppies. Each poppy represented a British military fatality during the war.

Below are just a few examples of the frames we have created for these wonderful and powerful pieces of art.

Twin Poppies

The Poppies from The Tower of London have been framed in many various ways.  One of our customers came to us with two poppies which she wanted to be framed in an artistic and evocative way.  We had several discussions and the customer was ultimately happy with our suggestions.  She had told us that her and her husband's Grandfathers had both served at The Somme and she would like this link represented in some way in the finished piece.

The background is an aged replica trench map of the frontline at The Somme.  The oak poppy holders were hand-made from timbers from a barn of that period and the base holders for the poppies were detectorist finds from The Somme of German Mauser bullet casings.  The badges were from both men, one who transferred to the Tank Corps during that period (hence three badges).  The barbed wire was used to symbolically link together the two poppies.

The Poppies were encased in a five-sided acrylic box in order to enhance viewing.  The mouldings used were selected because of their metallic, rusty finish and one of the patterns emulated the barbed wire 'pigtail' anchor posts used in the trenches.

Tower of London Poppies
Tower of London Twin Poppies
Tower of London Poppies - Single Poppy

Single Poppy Head

Our customer wanted a very simple but effective method of displaying their single poppy.  The poppy was mounted onto black silk and again encased in a five-sided acrylic box.  The customer wanted more depth so we used mouldings from the same range as the poppies above, but used a maller internal version.

Tower of London Poppies can be framed in many ways, we like to think we offer our customers something different as opposed to commercially available alternatives.  If you would like to discuss options for your poppy, please give us a call on 01494 433 191 or email us through our contact page.

Single Poppy with Certificate & Medals

Every Poppy tells a different story and has different meanings.  We try to make these framed pieces as personal and different as possible.

This customer wanted to incorporate the certificate together 2 medals.  An acrylic box was especially made in order to accommodate the depth of the poppy.

Poppies can either be framed on their own or you can add your own meaning and personal history to your piece.  Customers have added medals, photographs, maps, badges but you can add anything.

Tower of London Poppy, Medals & Certificate
Tower of London Poppy head, with certificate & medals
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