Sports Memorabilia

Sports Memorabilia looks amazing framed. Whether it be a sports shirt, ball, bat, boxing glove, photos, tickets, or a combination of items, we can help preserve your sporting memories using conservation/museum framing methods and techniques.

1966 World Cup Tickets & Programmes
Framed 1966 World Cup Tickets & Programmes
Signed England Rugby Shirt
Signed England Rugby Team Shirt
Frame by Bepspoke Framing
Framed England v. Australia signed cricket bat

Cricket bats are a popular items to be framed. On the left here is a signed 1936 Ashes bat which we framed in a natural wood frame against a dark green background.  On the right is a signed Lancashire Cricket Bat, where we hand painted the frame matching the team colours.    Both have an acrylic box on the front, allowing the depth required and better view of the objects from all angles.

Cricket balls, gloves, pads can also be framed and can be a great addition to a sporting collection.

Framed Cricket Bat
Framed Cricket Bat - hand finished in the Lancashire Rose colours to match the bat.
Framed Fishing Fly collection

Here on the right attached to a montage of photographs and programmes, this boxing glove is framed with a domed acrylic front allowing the depth needed.  Other smaller items are included.  All items are hand sewn to the backing.  A plain black frame was used.

On the left, a collection of Fishing Flies, individually hand sewn to a hessian back.

Framed Boxing Memorabilia
Framed Boxing Glove with photographs & memorabilia

The Team GB Hockey Team had some of their Olympic 2012 shirts framed in deep black shadow boxes with a matching mount board backing.  Each frame has a deep rebate in order to keep the shirt away from the glass.  Conservation materials are used throughout.   Anti-reflective and anti-UV Artglass can be used which will help preserve your items as well as minimising any reflection.

Tickets, programs, photos etc can be added to your frame which will make it a much more personal item.

Framed Hockey SHirt
Signed Rugby Ball

Other items, like balls and caps, which are too wide/deep for a conventional frame can be encased in an acrylic box which can be on a plinth made of a moulding of your choice.

Cricket Cap on Display
Display Base by Bespoke Framing

Larger items such as Racing Silks (far right) and Schumacher Racing Suit (right) are examples of other sporting items we have recently framed. Again, all conservation materials were used and garments were hand sewn to the back board, framed with deep rebate frames to keep the garments away from the glass and using Anti-Reflective Artglass to reduce reflections and preserve the items.

Framed Schumacher Racing Suit
Schumacher Racing Suit
Racing Silks
Racing Silks, Cap & Horseshoe

We have framed many unusual items over the years.  Below on the left, we have a collection of Fencing Memorabilia which includes medals, badges, ribbon and passes to various tournaments.  The frame has been covered in newspaper articles and photos.

On the right, we have a wooden seat from Liverpool Football Club's old ground.  We framed this against a photo of the whole ground.

Memories In A Box
Fencing memorabilia with newspaper articles on the frame
Framed LFC Main Stand Seat
Framed LFC Main Stand Seat

On the left below are these Dragon Boat Race Medals - our customer wanted to be able to see both sides of the medals so we used olive wood coin display holders to keep them in place and created a double glazed box frame.

Then in the middle we have a rowing blade which was framed simply in a deep black frame with matching backing and spacer.

Finally on the right, we have a collection of a photograph, scorecard, golf ball and tee from the famous St Andrew's Golf course.

Dragonboat Medals framed by Bespoke Framing
Framed Rowing Blade
Framed St Andrews Memorabilia
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