Shadow Box Framing

Shadow box framing, object box, box frame or memory box is a name given to a type of framing designed to display objects.  The collectibles may have monetary value or sentimental value or they may be for decorative use only.  Extra depth is often required to accommodate all the items to be supported but not touch the glazing - this is very important.

Shadow Box
Framed book against a newspaper article
Shadow Box
Composer's pen & original score with framed photo within

Box frames are ideal for framing objects

Shadow box framing construction is labour intensive and requires object framing skills.  It needs planning, careful design and precise assembly. 

Bespoke Framing offers expertise in design of your objects and can advise you on how many items, grouping, decorative features etc.   Every shadow box is a unique project, even similar types will have different considerations such as size, number of items, condition and personal preferences.  

Framed Bolt by Bespoke Framing
Royal Charter framed by Bespoke Framing
Framed Royal Charter

Preservation can be key and value must be taken into consideration. 

There are also various ways in which your object(s) can be attached dependant on size, weight, condition, value etc.  This can be discussed in more detail on your visit.

Using a shadow box frame for your photos and memorabilia wil give a stunning and unique look

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