Specialist Glass

Some of the specialist glass/glazing types that we use are:-

Waterwhite Glass - the ideal alternative to ordinary float glass, a completely colourless clear float glass, offering outstanding colour reproduction.

Anti-Reflective Glass
Anti-Reflective Glass

Anti-reflective / AR Glass - Conventional picture framing glass typically reflects 8% of incoming light, distracting the viewer with mirror-like reflections. With AR, light reflection is as low as 0.5% thus offering 16 times less reflection and eliminating any mirror-like effects.  AR provides 99% light transmission, making it practically invisible so all the viewer sees is pure art.

Anti-Reflective Glass
AR70 Anti-Reflective Glass

UV Glass - Over time, the ultraviolet rays in everyday light take a toll on artwork. Paper can become faded, discoloured, and brittle, causing irreversible damage that ruins the artwork. UV glazing acts as a sunscreen for artwork, blocking 98% of harmful light rays and helps protect framed pieces, keeping them fresh and attractive for years longer than regular glass.

AR UV - offers the combination of anti-reflective / AR glass and UV glass.

Acrylic - Acrylic is a good quality, lightweight and shatter-resistant glazing material. Ideal for the larger frame or where safety is a consideration.

We do offer other specialist glass/glazing options, for more information, please contact us.

Why use Museum Glass?

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