Closed Corner Frames

Closed corner frames are also known as finished corner frames and are the ultimate in framing quality and craftsmanship.  Most picture frames today are cut from mass-produced, pre-finished lengths of moulding whereas closed corner frames are joined first to make the frame and then the finish is applied.  This traditional method, used for centuries, makes for enduring and beautiful frames with strong, clean, seamless corners. Several steps are made before a paint finish is even applied which include:-

  • unfinished frame is joined, sanded and prepared
  • rabbit skin glue is applied to the frame with intelaggio to the corners
  • between 6 & 14 coats of gesso applied depending on the final finish
  • frame is sanded and sealed ready for paint finish
Black painted closed corner frame with pewter slip
Painted Silver Metallic
Gilt sight edge & outside edge with pale grey cushion
Traditional Frame Antique Gold
Variegated gold sight edge, black frame with gloss varnish

Closed corner frames are the ultimate in framing quality & craftmanship

Many customers prefer a hand-finished frame where we have a large variety of shapes, colours and textures which can be chosen for each individual piece.  After the gesso undercoats, decorative paint finishes are usually applied after the frame has been assembled, with the finish painted over the mitred corners to give a neater more attractive appearance.  Using a closed corner is the ultimate finish for a bespoke frame.

Closed corner frame by Bespoke Framing
Wide Reverse Closed Corner Frame
Gold Paint

All our closed corner frames are made in our workshop, ensuring that the customer receives the exact finish that has been discussed and confirmed. We have a large selection of natural wood mouldings to choose from and have many examples of various finishes that can be used with colour charts to match your picture.

Below is a small selection of frames recently completed.  Please do call us to discuss your framing requirements - it is always best for you to bring your piece in so we can discuss various options - every finish is different and is made to suit individual pieces.

Traditional shape with Antique Gold finish

Examples of some of our closed corner frames

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