Hand Finished Frames

Hand finished frames are one of the key features of Bespoke Framing which enable us to deliver a perfectly unique frame for your artwork.  We can create a frame that works in harmony with the picture enhancing the colours and composition, using any shaped moulding and painting it to your requirements.  We are not just talking about the colour of the paint, but we skilfully apply paint finishes to create the type of effect you want.  You have a completely individual frame which can enhance any type of artwork or image, and strongly convey a mood.

Hand Finish Frame by Bespoke Framing
Stone Distressed
Hand Finish by Bespoke Framing
Plain paint & wax finish
Hand FInished Frame
Brown/grey over lighter background
Hand Finished Frame
Antique Mottled Gold Finish

Once the frame shape is decided and the frame is made, we can apply a gesso over the wood for a smooth finish, then paint either a flat colour or a specific finish.  There are various finishes we can offer and we are always experimenting with new ideas, examples of which you can see in our workshop.   From Antique Gold finishes to a contemporary shabby chic finish, from verdigris to crackle glazing or just a stain and/or wax.  We are constantly experimenting with colours and textures, new and old techniques.

Hand Finish by Bespoke Framing
Antique Gold with plain panel
Hand FInished Frames
Antique Black/Gold with plain panel
Wiped finish - ivory/grey
Off-white with grey wash

Signature Frames for Artists

We regularly work with artists to create a 'signature frame' based on their palette, adapting colours and textures to suit each piece, sometimes using the same shape moulding with slightly different paint finishes.

Bumbles by Ollie Tuck
Selection of Bumble Frames
Gold Bumble by Ollie Tuck
Grey Frame with Moongold Oil Gild
Blue Blumble by Ollie Tuck
Blue Bumble - with Antique Gold


With Ollie Tuck's Bumbles pictured above, we made each frame a different colour to suit each Bumble, even matching the gold with the artist's backgrounds.  A real joint effort to enhance these stunning little creatures!  The dark grey frames had a gesso base with Moongold Gild edges, others have a paint finish and wax with a metallic gold paint.

"I wouldn't be without Alex and Alison at Bespoke Framing, whatever I want, however quickly I want it, it's done with a friendly smile - no panic, no problem.  They are such a good team, with Alison painting my frames and Alex making sure they leave their workshop in perfect order.  Just what an Artist needs."

Rosina Flower - Artist

Bucks Open Studios - Rosina Flower
A selection of works by Rosina Flower

You are welcome to make an appointment and come to the workshop to see more examples which are constantly added to and talk to us about what would work with your artwork.  Please contact us either by telephone or email.

Unique one-off finishes

We welcome anyone to come and talk to us about a hand finish.  This wedding invitation was framed reflecting the 'harlequin pattern' - a wedding gift to the happy couple from Mum.  This was a  complete one off and great fun to do . . . so much so, we filmed it!

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