Bespoke Framing cares about our environment and recycling materials is done as much as possible:-

  • we send all our picture framing glass away to be recycled on a weekly basis
  • we re-use card where we can, if can't be used, we give it away to several local schools, where Art departments and DT departments use for their projects
  • any card or paper is recycled through the usual channels
  • any other glass/bottles are recycled through the usual channels
  • chippings and moulding ends are used as kindling on home fires wherever possible

Any odd/small sizes of card are donated to local schools for use in the art departments.  Please contact us if your school would like to join this scheme through our contact page

We recycle ALL of our glass

and all of our paper, mountboard & card

Recycling glass
Recycling Mountboard
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