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Ollie TuckOllie Tuck – Featured Artist

Having studied fine art at Chelsea School of Art I turned my back on painting whilst completing a degree in Art History at The University Of Nottingham.

Ollie Tuck
“My passion is portraiture and particularly capturing people in environments most associated with them”

Inspired by the artist’s I studied during my degree, I returned to painting after graduating in 2014.

I made the commitment to working as a full time artist this year and now work from my home studio in Seer Green, Buckinghamshire. 

Ollie Tuck

Portrait by Ollie Tuck

I specialise in oil portraiture commissions and my passion is capturing people and interiors. Being an animal lover I do also love painting peoples pets!

I work predominantly in oils but occasionally use acrylics for a bolder effect particularly with landscapes.

Dog portrait by Ollie Tuck

For my non-commissioned work, I try to capture everyday moments and scenes that I am familiar with. Through working throughout my student life as a waitress and bar tender, I developed a fascination with people and their everyday life which is a theme I try to explore in my work.

Ollie Tuck

Portrait by Ollie Tuck

I try to capture my subjects as I see them but I enjoy experimenting with colour and light which result in more dramatic images.

Ollie Tuck

Landscape by Ollie Tuck

Although I am relatively new to the professional art scene, I have some experience exhibiting in London and look forward to becoming more involved with the Buckinghamshire art scene over the coming years.

Ollie Tuck
Portrait by Ollie Tuck

Enquiries and commissions welcome.

Email: ollietuckart@gmail.com

Instagram: @ollietuckart



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