Halcyon Casts by Elle Trajcevski

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Halcyon Casts by Elle Trajcevski

Halcyon Casts by Elle Trajcevski based in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Mum of twin boys (very bouncy, energetic ones too!)

Halcyon Casts by Elle Trajcevski

Here at Halcyon Casts, we make 3d casts of hands & feet. Baby casting newborns from a few days old to life casting adults and all the ages in between. Capturing all those wondrous wrinkles, crinkles, crumples and creases.

Halcyon Casts by Elle TrajcevskiHalcyon Casts by Elle Trajcevski

We are very proud of the details we capture in every single cast we make. If you have kiddies of your own, you will know how time, days, months & years seem to zoom by so quick. This is a fabulous way to remember.

I know I often want to press pause & breathe a moment in to treasure it. Which is why this all began when our boys were teeny tiny! Halcyon Casts was born.

Halcyon Casts by Elle Trajcevski

Every cast is completely unique. We make framed natural plaster casts as well as freestanding solid bronze casts. Plaster casts can be mounted within a beautiful frame, on it’s own, with a sibling, or the whole family.


Halcyon Casts by Elle TrajcevskiA casting session with us in Chesham, Buckinghamshire comprises of a nice cuppa, chat, massage for babies hands & feet before & during casting. Some babies sleep through it, feed through it, others wiggle & jiggle quite a lot. You would be surprised to see the finished casts of the wiggliest of little customers!

Halcyon Casts by Elle Trajcevski

The processes involved from taking impressions to making a solid bronze cast are both exciting and a little nerve wracking at times!

This work makes me smile, makes me feel proud & I love it.

Halcyon Casts by Elle TrajcevskiWe make commission pieces involving the entire family to include details, dates and quotes that are meaningful for each family. One particular piece we made involved parents hands & five children, the eldest being 14 years old & the youngest 10 days old on the day of castings.

Halcyon Casts by Elle Trajcevski

Halcyon Casts by Elle Trajcevski

Enquiries & bookings please contact Elle 01494 791061

Find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/halcyoncasts

Instagram: halcyon_casts

Twitter: @HalcyonCasts

Or email halcyoncasts@yahoo.com

Halcyon Casts by Elle Trajcevski

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