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Jenny Kaye is a  photographer based in Beaconsfield, working either from her home studio or out on location.  Here, she tells us a little about herself and shows a small fragment of her work.

Jenny Kaye

Photography has always been a part of my life.  I have old photo albums and prints from when I was very young, taking my own photos back in film days when not everyone had a camera in their back pocket all the time.  But it was only when taking a career break and living abroad with a young family that I began to seriously think about turning my love of imagery into my profession.  This was around the time of the advent of digital cameras so everything was changing although the principles of light, composition and creativity remain the same whatever your method of capturing the image.

Jenny Kaye

Soon after moving to Buckinghamshire, I threw myself into a degree in Photography and Digital Imaging at Amersham College (Bucks New Uni) – how different it was being a mature student pursuing something I really wanted to do.  Alongside my studies, Jenny Kaye Photography was created, with its main focus being on families and children. I love being able to capture those moments in time and am lucky to have the chance to use both my own studio and the great outdoors which gives me an enormous variety in terms of the style of imagery I can create.

Jenny Kaye

Over the years my personal projects have included night photography and sport. London is an incredibly rich landscape of colours, reflections, architecture and people and there are so many opportunities for great imagery.

Jenny KAye
Jenny Kaye

Having a very sporty son at school meant that I found myself spending many many hours standing on the sidelines watching matches.  I soon discovered that having a camera in my hand made this a whole lot more exciting for me, and so I now have a huge archive of football, hockey, cricket and rugby photos.  But essentially, any type of action photography is equally appealing – be it kids jumping the waves at the seaside or a sporting occasion.  I love to capture that moment in time, the raw emotion and excitement that you so often find on these occasions.

Jenny Kaye
Rugby – RGS vs Stowe

Most of my client work comes from family portraits, with anyone from newborn baby to grandma being involved.  Teenage photoshoot parties are also increasingly popular – where up to eight students come for a two hour party for photos indoors and out, ranging from fashion styling to fun and silliness with props that I provide.

Jenny Kaye

Jenny Kaye

Alongside the families and teens, I also take photos at a number of local nurseries, cover events such as 40th/ 50th birthday parties as well as corporate headshots and imagery for websites.

x Beckett jumping

I enjoy the variety of subject matter that I can photograph – babies one day and corporate headshots the next means that it is rarely dull.  I love the fact that I can give families a piece of personal art that not only looks good on their walls but also captures memories for them.

Jenny KayeJenny KayeJenny Kaye

For more information and images, check out Jenny’s website at

Or call her direct on 01494 675682 or 07944 838045



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