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Stephen Charlton was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England in 1958 and now lives in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Stephen works predominately in the medium of painting and sculpture with subject matter covering contemporary landscape painting and animal bronzes. He attended York College of Art and attained a degree in Graphic Design followed by a long and successful career as a design consultant, when later Stephen turned to sculpture at the age of forty.


Having had various solo shows within the National Trust and Chelsea Flower Show, Stephen now focuses on private clients and installations within the business environment.

His interest in sustainability has enabled him to create opportunities for his art to address the present and future attitudes toward the environment and to consciously make behavioural change happen.


The Language of Paint

Painting is Stephen’s visual language, his expression of thoughts and feelings that capture the essence of the places he studies.

“I love it when others see what I have not seen in my paintings, their interpretation is what really counts and I feel that the viewer has to do some work to make the picture complete. This then becomes their picture, one that they see in their own way, driven by feelings and not necessarily through thought alone.”

Exhibiting his paintings allows the viewer to decide for themselves the content and tone of voice of the picture. “If a painting resonates with you it’s because you have made an emotional connection and discovered a meaning and context that appeals to you.”

Painting in oils on canvas and aluminium using bold expressive strokes of brush or palette knife leaves the oil paint standing proud of the surface adding depth, drama and a sense of freedom.

This extensive range of works certainly allows us into Stephen’s expressive nature and leaves us a picture inside rather one that’s just hanging on a wall.

Stephen Charlton

Stephen Charlton – Current Exhibitions & Installations

Graffik Gallery, London 2014

Debut Contemporary Gallery, London 2013/14

H+H Coffee Emporium, Amersham 2013/14

Charlecote Park National Trust 2012/13/14

Enid Blyton Garden 2013/14

Trident House, Liverpool 2013/14

IDRC London 2012/13/14

Garden Art Hungerford 2013/4


Stephen Charlton

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