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I studied Art and Design at Bucks College in the sixties. After a career in Sales and Marketing and with my family making their own way in the world I returned to painting in 1985.

Painting has become a fairly fulltime occupation, resulting in exhibitions in local and London galleries.





The core elements in my work are composition, mark making, texture and colour.

Painting takes same to many locations in variable weather conditions that can result in some fairly spontaneous and lively interpretations.

Information is collected through eclectic mark making sometimes gathering found objects from the area I am working in, i.e., papers, feathers, sand, earth, metal These scraps might be added later collaged onto the world adding texture and a ‘sense of place’.

I subsequently eliminate unnecessary details through scraping, over painting and collage.

The painting is resolved when the entire piece ‘hangs together’.

I am interested in a variety of subjects and explore and use a wide variety of mediums.

Clay and fabric art have recently taken on more significance  .

Ceramics are slab built and mostly created  from my sketches, a natural progression  from the paintings……….large clay non functional pieces  inspired by the sea or marshland around Norfolk.

Heavy textured marks and additional clay is applied and the  colour is painted on  in a fairly random way, Clay Slabs are adhered to board and can be hung.

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