Remi Rana Allen

Vestel – Remi Rana Allen

Remi is a British born artist who currently lives and works in Penn, Buckinghamshire. She completed her MA in Fine Art at Bucks New Uni 2012 and MPhil 2017. Remi is currently studying at Chelsea College of Art for her Practice Based PhD in Fine Art.

Womb – Remi Rana Allen

Her practice is mostly large-scale installations, that are created with found materials and sourced materials from India. The installations are site specific.

Dead Angel – Remi Rana Allen

“My practice mirrors the slow dilution of my cultural heritage as it seeps further from my grasp. ‘I think in English, I appear Indian’ becomes a mantra.” (Rana-Allen 2017)

Holes – Remi Rana Allen

My art describes the British-Asian female identity through biology (the external appearance of the Indian female as perceived by white society), construct (the influences on the upbringing of the female) and ideology (the lived experience and aspirations of the female). This is informed by the context of my personal life experiences as the British Indian woman (not bi-racial), who has an Indian body (biology) a western mind (construct), constantly reminded that I am not ‘white’ (ideology).

Arose – Remi Rana Allen

The perception of this ‘Indian body’ is explored through both practice and theory. I reveal through the journey of this practice-based PhD my personal experience of sexuality, femininity, womanhood, motherhood as artist and researcher, by embodying being Indian and British but never English.

Killer Queen – Remi Rana Allen

Remi recently returned from a residency in Rome. She won an award for The Mead Residency at The British School at Rome. You can read about her time there by clicking here.

British Broadcastin Corporation Cock up – Remi Rana Allen

Remi’s first major solo show HOLES will take place at the Triangle Space Chelsea from the 29th Oct – 1st Nov 2019. Five years of work collide under one roof.

Holes – exhibition – Remi Rana Allen

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Kum Kum by Remi Rana Allen

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The Golden Temple – Remi Rana Allen

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