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London Montage by Nicola Metcalfe
Nicola Metcalfe lives with her two children and two chickens in Buckinghamshire and has been illustrating all her life. Currently working mainly in the digital realm, she enjoys adding a contemporary twist to familiar architectural landmarks. The addition of a few quirky social references results in a vibrant mix of colour and vitality. Through her illustrations, Nicola likes to celebrate what it is to be British by capturing the eccentricity that symbolises aspects of Britain today.

Marlow Landscape by Nicola Metcalfe
Great British Seaside by Nicola Metcalfe
Very much a Marlow girl, her formative education took place at Spinfield School before she moved on to Lady Verney High School in High Wycombe. Nicola was a Vulcan Venture Scout, a washer-upper at Burgers and a singer in a Marlow/Wycombe based rock band and has also been a stalwart of Chiltern Shakespeare Company in Beaconsfield over the past eleven years, particularly relishing the more comedic roles!
Bird by Nicola Metcalfe
‘Tweet of the Day’ by Nicola Metcalfe
Nicola has been enjoying some retail success through the Tate Galleries and John Lewis and should soon be creating a work for the RNLI. She also likes to employ loose, freehand illustration as a means to comment on events in every day life. She is very willing to undertake commissions. To discuss a commission or purchase prints or cards, please contact her through the website:
Tate Shop by Nicola Metcalfe


Nicola is very much looking forward to participating in ‘Create Henley’ in March and Bucks Open Studios in June. She also has an exhibition planned at Henley Business School for April 2015 and is working to create a series of artworks for Henley Royal Regatta, also in 2015.
Puds by Nicola Metcalfe
Puds by Nicola Metcalfe

Music Makers by Nicola Metcalfe
Music Makers by Nicola Metcalfe

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