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Ali Mackie
Trüebsee Reflecting Hahnen

Drawing inspiration from the natural and built environment my work expresses a desire to explore the dynamics of form, shape and colour found within and around objects.  Finding a balanced composition in the almost tangible energy produced by objects in harmony and tension with one another particularly fascinates me.

Ali Mackie

My work consists of two approaches: paper based drawing, painting and collage and free motion embroidered textile work.  With a background in Furniture and Commercial Interior Design it is second nature for me to convey an idea with a few simple lines and a range of materials.

Ali Mackie
Over Ruckles to Shardeloes

For this reason the inclination to draw is fundamental to my work.  These desired marks are achieved with pencil on paper or thread on fabric.

Ali Mackie
Santa Barbara Harbor

The foundations of my drawings and paintings are applied quickly to capture an essence of momentum.  Layers of fluid colour are then worked into using sgraffito techniques to reveal glimpses of hidden paint.

Ali Mackie
Christmas Cactus – Afternoon

Line, collage and photographic elements are often applied midway through a piece linking supporting shapes together.

Ali Mackie
Jungle Crown

My textile work is a more deliberate and process driven craft.  I harness the fluidity of fabric by securing chosen materials and textures together with thread in a controlled way to produce a soft yet stable image.

Ali Mackie
Seed Bright
Ali Mackie
Umbrella Pine Cones

Vitality and charge created during my drawing and painting work is channelled into my textile work allowing a complimentary balance to the many facets of my creative nature.

Ali Mackie
“Love” Austwick Tennis Club
Ali Mackie
“Love” In a State of Dreaming

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