Framed Bathroom Mirror in a black silver frame


This mirror was framed in a black silver moulding and made to fit exactly over a shelf. It really gives the feeling of much more space in this small room.

Mirrors are wonderful – reflecting both light and ourselves, opening up rooms and making them feel larger, creating the feeling of more space.  A large mirror can make an amazing feature within any room such as above a fire place, on a large wall, on a stairwell or a bathroom, making the room feel a lot larger than it is. A smaller mirror can make use of smaller wall space in rooms restricted in size to help reflect light and make your room feel bigger.

Mirrors can be framed in most moulding – plain wood, silver, gold, painted, stained or even hand finished or gilded.  Frames can also be painted to match or enhance a rooms decor.

We can supply mirrors as either a 3mm or 4mm thick silvered (mirror) float glass.  We can also supply bevelled mirrors which come on a 4mm thick silvered (mirror) float glass with a 25mm bevelled edge.  They can therefore be made to the nearest millimetre to fit perfectly on your wall which is perfect to fill a specific space.

Some finishes can be seen in Our Frames, or you can make an appointment to come to the workshop and see our full range, which is updated regularly.  As well as over 500 samples on the wall, we stock catalogues from all the main moulding suppliers in the UK.

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