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Varnish Graphite by Simon Brewster

Most of Simon Brewster’s works were made outside on a west London allotment site, from late summer 2010 to the present.

Rust Grid by Simon Brewster

They seek to explore the boundaries and crossovers between contrasting states such as:

urban squalor and poetic dilapidation

beauty and ugliness

accident and contrivance

Steel Wire Panel by Simon Brewster

Many of the marks and materials on these papers signify accident, neglect or decay. Others demonstrate intention and control. They often strive to be records of processes, actions and events rather than pictorial illusions.

Rust Bag by Simon Brewster

A meandering purple line may have been made by following a crawling insect with an oil pastel.

A grey band may be the tracing of a shadow, from a nearby cane or tree.

Gloss White Landscape by Simon Brewster

Rust patches have formed under pieces of steel, placed on the paper and left for a week.

A dead insect washed out of a tree above the drawing, has been sealed on the paper surface with glue.

Copper Wire Drawing by Simon Brewster

Snails have chewed some surfaces, and left curls of papery excrement.

Blackberries and mildewed tomatoes have been hammered onto some surfaces.

Blue Enamel by Simon Brewster

A line of small holes across a drawing may be drainage points for rainwater.

Straight pencil lines may have been drawn between

tomato pips, like a join-the-dots puzzle.

Bank Tree by Simon Brewster
Argos Tree by Simon Brewster








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