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Penn Art Trail

Penn Art Trail Penn Art Trail

Rosina Flower

Contemporary Still Life & Landscape Paintings

A long-established artist working from her own studio, with paintings in various media. Visitors are welcome to spend time viewing the many works on show, chatting to the artist or perhaps trying their hand at painting.

Penn Art Trail

Keith Tuckey, Painting
Tanya Tuckey, Sculpture, Painting, Ceramics

Paintings, Ceramics And Sculpture

Showing a variety of paintings, ceramics and sculpture, representational to abstract. 3D pieces in wire, wood and clay. Visitors welcome to browse and discuss techniques. Take the B474 road from Hazlemere to Beaconsfield. Studio in Penn, opposite Slades classic car showroom.

Penn Art Trail

Jennie Roberts

Paintings, Ceramics and Plants for Sale

Fresh new collection of studio art and ceramics, vibrant plants and picturesque garden setting. Lively and eclectic affordable art from £5 to £500. Huge selection. Part of Penn Art Trail; 6 other artists in near proximity. Come and enjoy!

Penn Art Trail

Fiona Read

Oil Painter

I work to capture the effects of light on still lifes, large flowers and explore chiaroscuro in candle paintings. Approach Rays Lane from the village hall or Elm Road. Keep common on left and follow the balloons and yellow signs!

I am the last but one brick and flint house on the common. My studio is in the barn in the back garden through the five bar gate.

Penn Art Trail

Karen French

Symbolism and Sacred Geometry

Acrylic paintings, digital art, cards and books on sacred geometry by Karen. Please use the signposted REAR gate to the property and follow the signs for the pool room.

Essentially my passion is symbolism in the Arts, Sciences and belief systems. As an artist and mathematician I enjoy analysing the structure and form of reality, the nature of consciousness and the Mind, power of intent, the purpose and power of symbolism and sacred geometry in particular. Each painting is a visual expression of geometry and light imbued with symbolism. They are images for connecting with to enhance your experience of reality. Part of the Penn Art Trail

Penn Art Trail

Annie Sutherland, Ceramics, Glass, Jewellery, Drawing
Christabel Grimmer, Textiles

Ceramics, Glass and Textile Creations

A mixture of decorative and functional ceramic and stained glass wares, pictures, puppets and a plethora of paraphernalia, plus pictures and cards. Venue is on the right-hand corner of Church Road and Hawthorn Place, Penn.

Annie and Christabel met at Art School in the 1950s and have remained friends ever since. Christabel worked for many years making props for film and T.V. and Annie taught art to prisoners and is now a qualified Art Therapist practicing from home. Inspired by each others’ skills they continue to create a range of different art and craft items as gifts and for sale. We look forward to your company during the Bucks Open Studio event.

Penn Art Trail

Lilly Henry

Sculpture (Mixed Media) Exhibited in Garden

Large and small sculptures in a variety of mediums, in countryside surroundings. Turn off A404 into Penn Street, pass Squirrel Pub, left around bend, pass Hit& Miss Pub, continue past cottages on left, Lodge 200 yards on your right.

Penn Art Trail

For more information go to the Bucks Open Studios website and Penn Art Trail

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