GildingGilding, the application of pure gold leaf is demanding of skill, time and patience, but its subtlety of colour and depth of tone give the most rewarding finish.  Customers can choose from the numerous colours of gold leaf ranging from lemony yellows to rich reddish golds, as well as white gold, moon gold and silver, together with an array of bole colours, therefore there are endless results to be had.

Water gilding is perhaps the most universally acceptable and applicable finish for frames. It provides the perfect abstract colour with which to isolate the image from its surroundings and it is equally suitable for oil paintings, watercolours, prints and shadow boxes.  Bespoke Framing uses traditional methods which can be traced back to Ancient Greece which include the following processes:-

  • Coat with size, made from rabbit skin glue
  • Stuctural joins are re-inforced with strips of cloth – intelaggio
  • 6-8 coats of gesso are applied
  • Surface of frame is smoothed & water-polished
  • Clay bole is painted onto frame (colours can be mixed for various effect)
  • Gold leaf is applied
  • Frame can then be burnished, or gold rubbed back slightly depending on the finished effect required

We work with Italian gold leaf in many variations ranging from 12 carat t 24 carat gold, moongold, platinum silver and as a result, we can offer a large variety of tones.


White gold gild rubbed back slightly to show red bole.


White gold gild rubbed back slightly to show black bole

23 carot gold with red bole


Finally, for more images of our gilding, check out our gilding gallery.