Oil Gild on a picture frame

Oil Gild on a picture frame

A customer came to us with a unique one-off idea. She had a wedding invitation from her son and future daughter-in-law and wanted to frame it in a fun way, encorporating the card design onto the frame. Making it the most unusual wedding present. It was such an unusual idea, something that we love . . a little challenge! An oil gild on a picture frame. This is a short video showing how it was done . . . it took a lot longer . . .

A flat-ish moulding was used so the design of the card could be replicated several times. The frame was painted several times with gesso and sanded to give a smooth finish. It was then painted in a red paint which matches the red on the card several times and re-sanded. When dry, the diamond pattern was drawn on with chalk. Size was then painted on every other diamond, left the normal amount of time and then gilded, again in a gold that matches the card. The finished frame was then varnished to seal the finish.

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