Nisia – exhibition of works by John Heywood


I paint coastal scenes and landscapes in acrylics. I love to paint in the open air on my old French easel, but for larger work I paint in the studio from sketches.

by John Heywood

Souda Kafeneio

I was brought up on the west coast of England, very close to the sea, and the interaction of light on water, in different weather conditions and different times of the day, still holds a particular fascination for me.

by John Heywood

Aegean Dawn

Today my main base is in Buckinghamshire where I am a member of, and past Chairman of, the Buckinghamshire Art Society.  I have been exhibiting there and in neighbouring counties for many years.

by John Heywood


Our family has a small cottage on the Isles of Scilly (off the coast of Cornwall) and I exhibit there as well as on the Cornish mainland.

by John Heywood

Discussion, Ormos

I go to the Greek islands every year to paint and have been fortunate enough to make many friends there amongst these wonderfully hospitable people, and have now become reasonably competent in the Greek language.




This September I will be holding a solo exhibition in London, entitled “Nisia, a Celebration of the Beauty of the Greek Islands”. (“Nisia” is Greek for “islands”).  Details are:


Venue:   Friends Room, The Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington St, London WIU 5AS (Near Baker St tube)

“Meet the Artist” sessions:

Tue 10 Sep,        5.30pm  – 8.30 pm

Fri 20 Sep,          2pm – 6pm

Sat 21 Sep,          9am – 1pm


Exhibition also runs every weekday from Fri 6 Sep to Fri 20 Sep, but please call the Centre on 020 7487 5060 before you intend to visit to avoid any private function that may be taking place in the Friends Room that day.


The 21 paintings to be displayed there include scenes from the islands of Chios, Samos, Ikaria,  Fournoi, and Crete.


I paint simply because I love to paint; I hope that people seeing my work will derive as much pleasure from it as I have had in creating it!


by John Heywood

Walking Home from School


John Heywood

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