Memories In A Box

Memories In A BoxMemories In A Box.  Ever wondered what to do with your keepsakes?  Items from your wedding day, old photos and memorabilia from childhood, objects from the birth of a child?  That shoebox crammed with ‘stuff’ in the bottom of the wardrobe?

Memories in a Box can take your treasures and put them together for all to see and love.  These are completely bespoke pieces of artwork.

Ideal gift for a special Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Christening etc.  Following are some examples.

How Memories In A Box started . . . 

I realised, as we are picture framers’, that I could do something special with all my late mother’s items that I had collected and cherished over the years.  I wanted her to be a part of my home, my family and so to put all her items together in one place seemed the ideal thing to do.  In this collage are many items, including:-Memories In A Box

  • Items from sewing box
  • St Christopher
  • Sunday School certificate
  • Bus pass
  • Handwritten poem from her purse
  • Elvis record – she loved him
  • Bingo card – we played as children
  • Watch
  • Over 100 pieces all of which extremely personal
  • Finished size including frame of the piece shown is 53cm square.

All collages take on their own lives as each has different objects, photos, etc.  And they are all very different and completely unique.

How Memories In A Box continues . . . 


Wonderstuff Collage

Wonderstuff Collage with a frame covered in images of the band’s album and single covers.

Memories In A Box

Collection of vintage sewing items, with images of vintage patterns on mount and frame.

Memories In A Box

Wedding Memory box, with items from the build up & the big day, with also some extras from the honeymoon, all encircled in a frame showing all the guests from the wedding.

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