LPS: Featured – Art Exhibition

LPS: Featured includes works by Margaret Ashman, Chila Burman, Elizabeth Gossling, Andrzej Krauze, Echo Morgan, Tarlan Rafiee, Graciela Sacco and Stella Whalley


LPS 1: Featured

Angel Face by Stella Whalley

LPS: Featured Launch party Thursday 24th January  5.30–7.30 pm


LPS: Featured celebrates recent work of emerging and established artists and printmakers  associated with  londonprintstudio – an influential and long running artists studio.  Buzzing with ideas, this eclectic exhibition features a wide range of original approaches to printmaking.  From captured scanned video prints and electronic data transfer images – to contemplative images linking to the subconscious; with explorations of sexuality, aggression and femininity – and  Andrzej Krauze’s tall tales.

Original one-off artworks by the exhibiting artists are for sale with a range of signed prints at the londonprintstudio gallery and online.


LPS 1: Featured

Angel Face Embroidery by Stella Whalley

Exhibition runs until Saturday 9th March 2013 – Free admission


For more information contact: sales@londonprintstudio.org.uk


425 Harrow Road

London W10 4RE

Tel: 020 8969 3247


London Print Studio are an artist-run, not-for-profit organisation that provides educational resources in the graphic arts for artists, community organizations, education institutions and the public.

londonprintstudio seeks to empower people and communities through practical engagement with the visual and graphic arts.  For more information, please go to londonprintstudio

“Our Gallery presents a wide range of exciting and innovative exhibitions of contemporary printmaking, graphic arts and related art practices, to which entrance is always free”

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