Larson Juhl Brittany Moulding Range

A new addition to our large selection of mouldings in our workshop is the Larson Juhl Brittany range.

Larson Juhl Brittany Range

The beautifully, distressed, chipped paint finishes of Larson Juhl’s new Brittany collection offers colourful layers of painted wood with a natural finish that creates a sophisticated edge to the shabby chic trend.

Larson Juhl - Brittany RangeLarson Juhl - Brittany RangeLarson Juhl - Brittany Range

Encouraged by the hued, worn finishes of the homes and retreats found in Brittany, a coastal town in Northwest France, Larson-Juhl’s new collection features authentic, natural layered finishes on a range of profiles.

004The distressed, chipped paint finishes reveal undercoats of color and raw wood undertones, creating a sense of age and history.   This layered paint chip finish comes in charcoal black, shell white, vermillion red and sage green allowing you to pair old and new, rough and smooth.  It also available in three different sizes/moulding shapes and there are a small range of gold slips that compliment the mouldings perfectly.

011Add a splash of colour  or a calming neutral to your interiors.  Brittany brings quality and nostalgia to your home.  Examples of all are in our workshop now, give us a call and come take a look.

Larson Juhl - Brittany (14)Larson Juhl - Brittany (13)Larson Juhl - Brittany (12)Larson Juhl - Brittany (11)


Larson Juhl’s Promise

Through all of Larson-Juhl’s efforts, the focus on our environment is a top priority.

Larson-Juhl is proud to offer a number of custom frame moulding collections that have earned FSC and PEFC certifications as well as a vast selection of matboards which boast FSC certification.

With Larson-Juhl manufacturing locations throughout the world, it is important that each facility does its part to keep our world clean and beautiful for future generations.

Finally, in 1991, Larson-Juhl partnered with American Forests to begin the Global ReLeaf ecosystem restoration project. Since then, Larson-Juhl has planted over 400,000 trees throughout the world!


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