Framing a letter from Disraeli

The framing of a letter from Disraeli:-

Framed Letter from Disraeli

Framed Letter from Disraeli

We were recently asked to frame an original letter from Benjamin Disraeli which was part of the collection of the Rothschild Archives.  This letter, written in 1880 by Disraeli to Leopold de Rothschild on the occasion of his engagement, was originally framed in brass.

Framing a Letter from Disraeli

Letter from Disreali
















The brief from the client was for both sides of it to be visible, and for it to be conserved and protected but still able to be displayed and picked up to read.

Rothschild Archive Display

Rothschild Archive Display

We were delighted with the result.  The letter looks beautiful, it is easy to read, and we are reassured that it is preserved while still being accessible.  It is now displayed amongst a collection of fine artifacts which are the responsibility of the Rothschild Archive.”   Fiona McGarel-Groves – Rothschild Archives


Other framing for Rothschild Archives :-

Bespoke Framing have recently been asked to carry out picture framing for The Rothschild Archive.  Here we were asked to re-frame sixteen artists proofs by renowned Scottish sculptor and artist Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, which had originally been framed in the 1970/80’s using materials available at that time.  For more information go to Picture Framing for the Rothschild Archive.


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